Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Remote Lazy Loading in Hibernate

Lazy loading in Hibernate means fetching and loading the data, only when it is needed, from a persistent storage like a database. Lazy loading improves the performance of data fetching and significantly reduces the memory footprint.

When Hibernate initializes the data object, actually it creates a reference (of the data) to the data object and doesn't load the data as such. Hibernate then intercepts the method calls to this reference and loads the actual data. In order to intercept and load the data, Hibernate requires the data object be associated with a Hibernate Session.

Problems might arise when these "lazy loaded" data objects (containing the reference) are transferred to other application layers, especially to remote client. These objects get serialized/de-serialized on their way to the remote client and there by detaching itself from the Hibernate Session. Accessing this detached reference will always lead to some exception.

What if these lazy loaded objects can still maintain their references even at the remote client layer (where there is no Hibernate Session) and still be able to lazy load data? This is quite possible and this concept of lazy loading data even from a remote client is called remote lazy loading.

In this article we'll discuss the solution by extending Hibernate's lazy loading framework. We'll use 3.2.x version of Hibernate library.

countinue here : http://www.theserverside.com/tt/articles/article.tss?l=RemoteLazyLoadinginHibernate

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