Monday, December 27, 2010

Singletons are Pathological Liars

You can live in a society where everyone (every class) declares who their friends (collaborators) are. If I know that Joe knows Mary but neither Mary nor Joe knows Tim, then it is safe for me to assume that if I give some information to Joe he may give it to Mary, but under no circumstances will Tim get hold of it. Now, imagine that everyone (every class) declares some of their friends (collaborators), but other friends (collaborators which are singletons) are kept secret. Now you are left wondering how in the world did Tim got hold of the information you gave to Joe.

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Dependency Injection, The manual way

Dependency Injection, The manual way

Saturday, December 11, 2010

"The JCP Is Dead" ?

The JCP Is Dead
... and Oracle killed it.

By this time, most people know that the ASF has resigned from the JCP EC.

What was posted was our final version of the notice, but I'd also like to share with the community an earlier, rougher and more "emotional" version. It says the same, but in a more face-to-face conversational way. I feel that both versions represent the disappointment, anger and sadness over this whole issue, which has been fostering since 2006. The below just captures it from a different point of view:

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