Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Agile Anti-Patterns - a discussion

Some practices which harm the way we adapt to agile way of working or in a way sort of bad practices which are counter productive. They may very well push back the organizations which are still testing the waters of going agile.

1 - End of the day integration

2 - Let us keep the refactoring tasks for later

3 - Unit testing the complex pieces is enough

4 - Move the iteration until all the user stories are done

5 - Let us try to do as much as possible during the iteration

6 - Comment the test as it is breaking the build and we will come to it later

7 - Retrospectives are not adding much value, will save time if we skip it

8 - We are doing continuous integration so we are already agile

9 - Most of the user stories are high priority

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